Writing for Organizations

The following are completed assignments from my Writing for Organizations class at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul.

Confirmation Letter

My class was given the assignment to write our own letter as well as a scenario to go along with it. I chose a confirmation letter. The letter was meant for a fictional student receiving confirmation for a workshop they had signed up for.


Follow this link to read my letter scenario

Follow this link to read my confirmation letter 


Business Email

Based on a list of scenarios handed out in class, I created a business-styled email in response to the scenario of my choosing. The main goal of the email was to discuss the need for increased diversity among the staff and customers of the fictional company ITCom.


Follow this link to view my Email.


Group Proposal Letter

I was placed into a group with two people from my class. Our assignment was to create a proposal for an item or service of our creation. My group decided on a proposal for a technical writing company. I was not only assigned as the leader of the group, but my specific role involved writing the cover letter and introduction. We worked together, reading over the entire report once it was complete, and edited it together as well.

GroupProposal-page-001   GroupProposal-page-004 GroupProposal-page-005 GroupProposal-page-006 GroupProposal-page-007

Follow this link to read our group proposal 


Event Brochure

My professor gave us the project of creating a brochure based off a specific company and/or event. I chose Camp Lebanon, a Bible camp that my family has worked at for my entire life. Specifically, I picked the Arctic Blast event which is the college-age and older, winter retreat. Although they have many advertisements for this event, they have yet to create a brochure. I thought this would be a good way to market my skills as well as being potentially beneficial for the organization. I used Google Docs to create this brochure, using a template as a basis for inserting my content.

ArticBlastBrochure-page-001 ArticBlastBrochure-page-002

Follow this link to view my Arctic Blast Brochure.