Technical Writing

The following are completed assignments from my Technical Writing class at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul.


Consumer Instructions

My class was assigned to create a short document or video of consumer instructions (300-700 words long) for a specific web-based application, consumer product etc. I chose to write instructions on how to create a WordPress account as well as how to set up a website/blog. My intended audience were older adults (age 45+) who are unfamiliar with WordPress and are interested in learning how to create their own website. I used, made a  new account, and took screenshots with my computer in order to capture the steps of this process for my document.




To view a PDF version of the file, use this link: Consumer Instructions


Technical Description

One of my first assignments for Technical Writing was to write a technical description of a product. We were given three choices, a mechanical pencil, a car tire, or sunglasses. I chose the mechanical pencil.


To view a PDF version of the file, use this link: Technical Description